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The Namaste Philosophy

Fabiola Bloquel, the creative muse and director of Namaste Spa, listened carefully to the words of her mother who said; “Beauty is something that you have to feel and take care of from the inside first.” Fabiola has taken those words to heart and created a peaceful, calming atmosphere in Namaste Spa, so that her many clients will return to their homes with an energized body and blissful spirit to be better able to nurture what matters most in life: their relationships, health, work and their dreams.

Born on the beautiful island of Mauritius, which is situated in the Indian Ocean, approximately 2400 kilometers off the South East Coast of Africa, Fabiola grew up watching her mother prepare her own beauty regimes utilizing the local bounty of nature through herbs, flowers, and fruits found on the Island. Though Fabiola has a diploma in Aesthetics and Reflexology, her worldwide travels ignited within her a passion for enhancing one’s natural beauty. While living in Paris, she met a very special person who encouraged her to pursue her passion, and Fabiola immigrated to Canada where she continued her studies in the art of aesthetics.

While her ethnic roots are French, Hindu, and African, Fabiola has embraced her new country with true affection and appreciation. Being surrounded in a caring community helps her rest easy knowing she has found a safe haven in which to raise her young son. Namaste Spa encompasses all of the richness Fabiola has in her life today, namely a home, trust of loved ones, beauty, strong personal values, along with a sense of wellness and peace.

The personalized care and sense of well-being that Fabiola and her staff brings to Namaste Spa is incomparable. Namaste means ‘welcome’ in Sanskrit and it beautifully encompasses the feelings Namaste Spa wishes to impart to there clients.

Our spa treatments incorporate beauty with the rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit.